What options do Alium make available?

Design - Large or small Alium will work with you to create a room filled with light that you can use all year round

Colour - The choice is yours Alium have a palette that will fit any surroundings.

Material - Alium make a range of materials available to meet your specific needs.

Alium conservatories are available in three formats, the wall frames are provided either in engineered hardwood, thermal break aluminium or aluminium timber, each product having its own unique design capabilities.

The engineered hardwood product is very flexible and can be machined to create individual one off designs. Usually aimed at the very traditional end of the spectrum, hardwood creates a very thermally efficient structure its only drawback is that it will require regular maintenance.

The thermal break aluminium product has a much more contemporary engineered feel and creates a lighter structure. Aluminium is a much stronger material than wood and therefore does not require as much bulk to provide the same level of structural support. When powder coated, aluminium has very good low maintenance characteristics and is available in an extensive range of colours. Although possessing reasonable thermal properties it is not as efficient as timber.

The aluminium timber product is a composite of aluminium externally with engineered redwood internally. It offers a compromise between the two previous products having effectively both material components it provides low external maintenance and extremely good thermal characteristics.

All of our conservatories utilise a composite aluminium roof to provide both low maintenance and best structural properties specifically where they are needed.

Our glazing specification is based around Smart Glass. This is specifically designed to provide both good thermal insulation properties while also giving a level of solar and UV control to provide a structure that can be used all year round. It also incorporates Bio Clean technology which makes keeping the glazed roof clean a far simpler task.

Understanding your needs

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

What options do Alium make available?