General factors to take into consideration when buying a conservatory

How big should the conservatory be?
Decide before anything else what the room will be used for and the proposed furniture it is to contain. Remember to add 300mm to the projection and 600mm to the width to allow for a dwarf wall or 104mm to projection and 208mm to width if you propose having glass to floor. These sizes may vary subject to building materials. Use an existing room to achieve an idea of the proposed size and what will fit into the room. Remember the location of doors is important as these will create the thoroughfares through the conservatory and the dead space. It is always best to visualise the use of the space before you make any decisions on the size of the proposed structure. Remember that the cost per square metre can reduce as you increase the size of the conservatory basically because there will be similar fixed costs on both large and small projects.

What shape should the conservatory be?
This is very personal and there are many design options available. However, the best rule is to try to complement the existing design of your property and simple is always better. Buildings with gables accept various mono-pitch and gable designs, those with hipped roofs are complimented by similar shaped conservatory roofs. The Victorian or angled bay front conservatory has very specific design implications and fits with a restricted number of property designs, with this design you must remember that the shape of the floor significantly effects utilisation and layout of furniture.

What’s the cost, how should I budget and how do I view value?
When considering the appropriate cost of a conservatory the basic rule of thumb is a budget figure of 10% of the value of the property. If the project is to add value to your property you have to be careful when selecting the design, the medium and the colour to guarantee that you do not detract from the long term value of the property. As previously discussed the design should complement the existing building, the medium should be of both good structural quality and be economical to maintain, the colour should assist the conservatory to complement the existing building. Your budget and the medium you chose will define the design and size of conservatory that is available to you.

Understanding your needs

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

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